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GTE Launches Net Access Service

GTE now offers Internet access service to customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company plans to offer nationwide access services eventually.

IRVING, Texas--While Congress continues to wrangle over the Telecommunications Reform Act, one long-distance provider has decided to get into the Internet business. GTE's Network Services unit has signed a deal to license Netscape Communications' Navigator browser.

GTE's Net services plan will initially be offered to home and business customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. will be available in other areas starting next year, company officials said. The company plans to eventually sell Net access services over a nationwide data network.

Customers in Dallas and Fort Worth pay $24.95 per month for unlimited Net access at speeds ranging from 14.4 kbps to 28.8 kbps via dial-up modems. Support for T3 and ISDN is also available.