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Groupon acquires online retailer Mertado

Groupon Goods may be getting a boost by picking up daily-deal shopping site Mertado.

Try going to any part of online retailer Mertado's Web site and you'll be redirected to one page with this message:

"Today, we're pleased to announce that we are continuing this journey by becoming a part of the Groupon family."

As of today, Groupon has acquired Mertado, an online social-shopping company that used Facebook as its distribution platform and sold product deals matched to users' lifestyles, such as housewares, electronics, and food.

"Our mission at Mertado has always been to expose a selection of high quality, unique, lifestyle-oriented products to consumers wherever they spend their time," Mertado's good-bye message read.

The site says former customers should be able to have a similar user experience by shopping at Groupon Goods, which also offers daily deals on various lifestyle products.

Groupon may be looking to amp up after its less than stellar stock activity in 2011's fourth quarter and PayPal's announcement that it was getting into the daily deals game.

Mertado launched in 2010 with $2.3 million in funding and was based in Palo Alto, Calif. Now, as it closes up shop--a process that's expected to be complete by February 28--it has stopped accepting new registrations, sales, and products. Existing members will be able to access customer service until the end of February.