Green Monday: What is it and where are the best deals?

Another shopping holiday is upon us. Here are the latest Green Monday deals you'll find at retailers such as Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy.

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If it seems like every week between Thanksgiving and New Year's there's another shopping holiday, you're not imagining it.

Next up is Green Monday, which takes place Monday, December 14, 2015.

What is Green Monday?

Green Monday is touted as the third-largest online shopping day of the year, behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It falls on the second Monday of December, or at least 10 days before Christmas. The origin of the name is unclear, but MarketWatch suggests that it's simply named after the color of the American dollar.

When did Green Monday start?

This shopping holiday began in 2007 with eBay, which used the term to describe a particularly popular December shopping day. Since then, other stores have adopted the name and used it for holiday sales, with some retailers calling it Cyber Monday 2, instead of Green Monday.

Where can I shop on Green Monday?

Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart already have pages dedicated to the sale, though they currently seem to be more about getting search engine traffic than offering specific deals. Other stores may also tout Green Monday deals.

That said, the difference between a Green Monday sale and an extended holiday deal may be a matter of semantics. For instance, Amazon has already announced its 12 Days of Deals promotion running through December 17, with some deals for December 14 already announced (see below).

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What are the best Green Monday deals at Walmart?

We've listed some of the tech highlights of the Walmart bargains available on Green Monday. Again, though -- most of these offers have been available for weeks.

What are the best Green Monday deals at Amazon?

Amazon has already designated December 14 "Tech Enthusiast Day." Among the deals it's pre-announced:

What are the best Green Monday deals at Best Buy?

While the deals aren't all specifically associated with Green Monday, Best Buy has some notable price cuts available right now.

Are there any other deals I should know about?

Yep. We've collected all of our favorite tech bargains here -- whether they're associated with Green Monday or not. You'll find great deals on iPads, Apple Watch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, dSLR cameras and other gadgets.

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Editors' note: This story was originally published on December 10 and has since been extensively updated.