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Pokemon Go clone tops app charts in China

Pokemon Go hasn't yet been released in some countries around the globe, and developers in China are taking advantage of that.

Xiaoyu Sun

Pokemon Go has become a phenomenon -- at least, in the select countries where it's available. China is among the many nations without the new AR iOS and Android game, and people there have been tiding themselves over with the next best thing (apparently): City Spirit Go.

The similarities between the two games isn't limited to just their names. City Spirit Go also uses geo-location to let you find, catch and battle creatures. Unlike Pokemon Go, it doesn't use a smartphone's camera to create an augmented reality.

Created by a developer who goes by Sun Xiaoyu, the game is currently the most popular app in Apple's iOS store in China. It's likely doing very well on Android as well, but there's no way to track it, thanks to the Google Play store not being available in China.

Those behind it could be making a pretty penny, with in-game purchases going for up to 648 yuan, or roughly $95, AU$125 or £75.

Since being released last Wednesday, Pokemon Go has reinvigorated not just the franchise, but also Nintendo. The Japanese company's stock soared up 10 percent after just two days of the game being available in the US. Pokemon Go took half that time -- just one day -- to become more popular than dating app Tinder.

If you're in the US, Australia or New Zealand and have yet to take the plunge, CNET has a complete guide to Pokemon Go that'll make you a Pokemaster in no time.

We don't yet know when those in other countries will be getting the game, but on Monday the servers temporarily went live in Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong. This could be a sign that an Asia launch is imminent.