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Google's soothsayers predict future

Google Australia today announced the beta version of search technology known as gDayâ„¢, which can predict events and Internet content.

An example of gDay technology.

OK, this one's pretty amazing.

We've pretty much accepted that one day Google will take over the world and enslave us all in their devastatingly cool, volleyball-court-filled campuses. But the search giant today announced a truly amazing new technology that can predict the future using artificial intelligence known as MATE (Machine Automated Temporal Extrapolation).

The technology, known as gDay, "creates a sophisticated model of what the Internet will look like 24 hours from now", according to a statement released today by Google.

Here's the truly impressive bit: Google can even predict the actual wording of the next day's blogs and media articles using language regression analysis.

Alan Noble, Head of Engineering for Google Australia and New Zealand, was particularly enthusiastic about the possible applications of the technology. "Maybe you want to see tomorrow's rugby scores," he said in the statement.

"Maybe you want to see tomorrow's lotto numbers. Maybe this is the greatest freakin' product ever."

In a boon for local online community, only Australian Web sites are included in the beta.

To check out gDay in all its glory, visit Google's official page here.

Oh, and happy April 1, techingtons.