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Google's .new shortcuts now work with Spotify, Medium and more

Outside companies get a crack at Google's time-saving .new domains.

The Google logo on a wall at the company's Australian headquarters in Sydney, 16
Google is giving everyone a chance to try out a new suite of .new domain time-savers. 
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You'll now be able to access more than just Google's own products when you pop a shortcut into the address bar of your browser. On Tuesday, Google revealed several new .new domain shortcuts, which open up the features to outside companies including Spotify and Medium.

Google's first three shortcuts -- docs.new, sheets.new, slides.new -- arrived in 2018, letting you quickly create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations by typing the short address directly into the URL bar of your web browser. With the latest additions, you're able to type playlist.new into an address bar to create a new Spotify playlist, story.new to create a post on Medium or link.new to shorten a link with Bitly. There are also new shortcuts from RunKit, Cisco Webex and OVO Sound.  

"Similar to .app, .page, and .dev, .new will be secure because all domains will be served over HTTPS connections," said Google's Ben Fried in a blog post Tuesday

Google is opening its .new domains to an even wider audience. Anyone can apply for a .new domain starting Dec. 2. Trademark owners can register now through Jan. 14. Users can visit whats.new for registration requirements. 

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