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Google Wifi makes internet connection a team effort

Google Wifi is the search giant's follow-up to last year's OnHub router.

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Google's latest smart router will be able to harness your Wi-Fi for an even more powerful network. It'll use multiple Wi-Fi points to connect to expand coverage around the home.

On Tuesday in San Francisco, Google revealed new flagship phones -- the Pixel and Pixel XL -- as well as an updated Chromecast and details on its new smart speaker. So its newly introduced router, called Google Wifi, might have been easy to miss.

One of Google Wifi's most touted features is its expandable network: The device uses multiple routers to create coverage across the home.

"Unlike a single central router, multiple Google Wifi points work together to do a much better job," Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management, said at the "Made By Google" event.

Google Wifi boasts several "smart" features that normal routers wouldn't have, like managing Wi-Fi access for connected devices. Another feature is Network Assist, which actively works to keep the signal strong for users, no matter where they are in the room. The router costs $129, or $299 for a 3-pack.

At $129, the price is a drop from Google's first foray into the router world, the OnHub, which cost $200 when it was released in August 2015.

Google's follow-up to the OnHub keeps the credo of its first router, by pushing out a smart device with a sleek look, to avoid unruly cords. The small design is intended to fit anywhere in the house, allowing users to have multiple Wi-Fi points to grow their connected network.

Google Wifi can be preordered starting in November and will be available by December.

Updated at 10:23 a.m. PT to include more details on Google Wifi.