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Google: We've got cool search, too

Google adds a link to its home page describing how to search for interesting results on Google. It's long offered such capabilities, but Bing's bump could have prompted a reminder.

Google added a link to this page from its home page, to emphasize tips and tricks for searching Google.
Screenshot by Tom Krazit/CNET

Google would like to remind everyone that Bing not the only search engine with neat tricks for displaying results.

Search Engine Land noticed what has to be a clear response to the lookyloos currently kicking the tires of Microsoft's new Bing search engine, which has gained a few points of share in its first two weeks of operation. Underneath the search bar on Google's famously sparse home page, it has inserted a link to a page called "Explore Google Search," which provides tips on how to do all kinds of things with Google, including flight tracking, stock quotes, and weather.

Microsoft has received much well-deserved praise for improving how its search product displays information to the searcher. But it's almost as if Google is saying, "Hey, we do all that already."

As Search Engine Land notes, Google has never really had to market its search technology, which quickly spread word-of-mouth over the last several years to make Google the dominant force in Internet search. Microsoft is sinking a ton of money into promotion for Bing, which could force Google to dip into its own war chest and do more to promote its own search experience.