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Google wants to show you all the data it's collected about your online habits

The web giant's new tool lets you review the sites you visit, the searches you make and the videos you watch, among other things.

Google's searchable database will show you almost everything you do on the internet, as well as which device and browser you used.

It's common knowledge that web companies spend a lot of effort tracking everything you do online. But now Google wants to share with you all the information it has on your internet activities.

Offering a much more in-depth view than a browser history can offer, Google has introduced My Activity, a searchable history of almost everything you do online. The new tool will show you everything from the Netflix programs and YouTube videos you've watched to sites you've visited, the things you've searched for, as well as the Google products you have used.

The tool's detailed results will show you your search terms, the times and frequency you visited web sites, as well as what device and browser you used for the activities. But fear not: In addition to allowing you to review everything Google has collected about your online activity, the tool also lets you edit and delete items from the list.

The tool also offers users the option of suspending the web and application tracking activity, but beware that could impact your autocomplete features.

Google declined to comment.