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Google Voice pulled from the App Store

The Google Voice app has been crashing on login for users upgrading to iOS5, and so has been taken down. Not everyone has been having problems though.

The iOS5 headaches continue. Not only has the download taken an age for some people, but the Google Voice app has been having some serious compatibility issues with the new software.

Google has pulled the app from the App Store, leaving just a page cache, along with earlier versions. Vincent Pacquet, senior product manager for Google Voice, confirmed to Engadget that the app had been pulled.

"Our last update of this week had a bug that caused the app to crash at sign in," he said. "We removed it so it did not affect additional users until the fix gets published."

Not all users have experienced problems, though some recent reviews have said it's been crashing. At time of writing the App Store shows the version updated on 17 August of this year, that requires iOS 3.0 or later, so if you want the most recent edition you'll have to wait for the fix.

There's no estimate when that might be, but this being Google, don't expect it to be too long. If you've already registered your number, the app should work as normal if you've already installed, though you won't be able to start new text threads or make outgoing calls using your Google Voice number.

Google Voice is a free app that lets you search by speaking into your phone, finding places near you, bringing up web pages as you mutter them, and lets you search contacts by saying their names. (A bit like the iPhone 4S's Siri, except it works with local info in the UK.) It also includes Google Goggles, the image recognition software that gives you information of what you've taken a picture of, and helps identify products, landmarks, art works, barcodes and more.

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