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Google unveils search tool for retail sites

Commerce Search tool is designed to make the online shopping experience easier for consumers and, thus, more profitable for retailers as the holidays approach.

Google introduced a new Commerce Search tool for retailers on Wednesday to try to make the online shopping experience easier for consumers as the holidays approach.

According to Google, Web users spend an "average of just eight seconds" on a retail site before deciding whether to stay. With that in mind, Commerce Search aims to improve search on retailers' individual sites.

With Commerce Search, shoppers can sort data by "category, price, brand, or any other attribute," Google said. Retailers can also offer special attention for specific products to draw consumer attention. The tool includes built-in spell-check and synonyms to help ensure people find the items they're looking for, regardless of how they spell or identify products.

Commerce Search will be hosted in the cloud. The cost to retailers is based on the number of products and the searches conducted annually.