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Google TV leak shows voice search, mini guide

However, the video clip showing the new features has now been made private.

A video on YouTube about Google TV was made private.
Screenshot by Shara Tibken/CNET
It seems to be quite the day for accidental videos. The latest comes from Google, which has now removed a clip from YouTube that gave a sneak preview of new Google TV features.

The video, which made the rounds on the Internet today, showed off features such as voice search and a mini guide.

But the video has now been removed from the pubic Web, replaced by a message saying it's now "private."

"We're excited to bring users the next version of Google TV's software in the months ahead, but have nothing further to announce at this time," a Google spokesperson said.

While Internet-connected TV sales have climbed, Google TV has largely been a flop. The service aims to allow users to access the full Web from their TV sets, but the products have faced tepid sales and many setbacks. For one, several major online sites -- such as Hulu -- are blocked on the devices. Logitech, one of the first creators of a Google TV set-top box, admitted a year ago that its product was a "mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature."

Google has been making enhancements to its TV product, including connecting its Google Play store to Google TV to make its entertainment offerings available for the first time.