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Google Trips travels farther into Features Land

The travel logistics app, which pulls from your Gmail inbox to help organize your vacay, adds a few more bells and whistles.

Need to let Mom know where you'll be and when? Google Trips says a new feature has got you covered.

Google Trips just got a little trippier.

The Android and iOS app -- a kind of personal assistant for traveling and vacations -- has three new features, Google said Wednesday.

Unveiled in September, Trips pulls from your Gmail inbox to organize information about your plane tickets and lodging reservations. It also provides suggestions on nearby sights and restaurants and lets you build a custom daily itinerary.

With today's updates, you can share your reservations with a single tap; quickly update your plans before confirmation emails come in; and keep track of not just plane but also bus and train reservations.

Check out details and screenshots in this blog post.