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Google touts 10 tips on how to use its iPhone Maps app

With its Maps program now back in the App Store, the search giant provides suggestions on how to use certain features.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
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Google Maps users looking to get more out of the app can grab some free advice from Google itself.

A new page dubbed "10 ways to make your Google Maps for iPhone experience even better" reveals several handy features that you may not know existed.

Tip 1: To place a pin on a map, press down and hold any location. The pin reveals the specific address and displays an info sheet with an option to share that location.

Tip 2: To access Street View, press and hold any location on the map and then tap on the info sheet. If the location is Street View-enabled, you can tap on an image to switch to that mode.

Tip 3: Shaking your phone lets you send feedback about the app to Google.

Tip 4: Swiping right or left on the info sheet can conjure up addition directions if you're trying to get to a specific location.

Tip 5: Tapping the three dots in the lower right corner lets you switch among various views, including traffic, public transit, satellite, and even Google Earth.

Tip 6: While traveling or mapping out a trip, you can peek at the next route by swiping the top bar to the left.

Tip 7: You can zoom in and out with a single finger by double-tapping a location, holding the second tap, and then dragging your finger up or down.

Tip 8: Tapping on your profile image in the upper right lets you enter both a home and work address.

Tip 9: You can switch to compass mode by tapping twice on the My location button in the lower left part of the screen.

Tip 10: And finally, you can save any location as a favorite by double-tapping on the info sheet and tapping the Save button.

As a Google Maps user, some of these tips were familiar to me, and some were not. If you use Google Maps, feel free to share any of your own tips in the comments section.