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Google waves good-bye to Hands Free payment app

The search giant hopes to bring the best features from the mobile payments test to even more people and stores in the future.

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Google will shut down its experimental Hands Free payment app next week.

The pilot program, which launched last March for Android and iOS, gave customers a new way to pay for items, but was only available at a limited number of locations in the South Bay area of San Francisco.

The Hands Free app used Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services from your phone to determine when you were near a participating retailer. Users could then use the phrase, "I'll pay with Google," to quickly pay for items. The checkout clerk would then confirm your identity based a photo you uploaded to the app and complete the transaction.

The Hands Free program will shut down on Feb. 8.

In a post Thursday, Google said its working to bring the best features from the program to even more people and stores. For those hoping to continue to make purchases with their smartphones, Google encourages users to check out Android Pay.

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