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Google shutting down sync services in winter purge

The company recommends users of Google Sync start using the open CardDAV protocol instead.

Google said today that it is closing down a handful of products, including several that make it easier to synchronize data between devices.

Google Sync, Google Calendar Sync, Google Sync for Nokia S60, and SyncML will all go away. In the case of Google Sync -- which allows access to Gmail, Calendar, and contacts via Microsoft Exchange's ActiveSync protocol -- customers won't be able to create new accounts after January 30, but existing connections will continue to function.

Google said the recently developed CardDAV protocol would make sync possible after its own sync product goes away.

The announcements came as part of "winter cleaning," one of the company's periodic purges of products it no longer wishes to support. Also going away: appointments in Google Calendar; the Issue Tracker Data API; and Punchd, a smartphone app for organizing digital loyalty cards.