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Google shares reopen for trading

Stock reopens for trading as company files an amended 8-K, CEO Page says "really excited about the progress we're making."

Google consolidated revenue in Q3 of 2012
Shares of Google, halted earlier in the day after its third-quarter earnings release got posted prematurely, resumed trading at 3:20 p.m. ET.

The company also issued an amended 8-K filing.

When the stock was halted, the shares were off 9.01 percent at $687.39. After the stock resumed trading, it bounced around a bit, first falling and then clawing back some of its losses. By 3:30 p.m. ET, the stock traded around $695.

When the premature earnings announcement came off the wire, it included a notation, "PENDING LARRY QUOTE" referring to CEO Larry Page. In the later filing, Page was quoted saying that Google had enjoyed ""a strong quarter," with 45 percent sales growth as well as its first $14 billion quarter. "I am also really excited about the progress we're making creating a beautifully simple, intuitive Google experience across all devices," he said.

The company posted earnings of $9.03 a share on revenue of $11.5 billion, missing expectations for $10.65 a share on sales of $11.86 billion.

Google also posted on the Web the slides its executives will refer to in their conference call with analysts this afternoon: Google Earnings Slides, Q3 2012