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Google secures its blogs with move to HTTPS

The company enables HTTPS for all blogs hosted on blogspot.com, calling the security layer "fundamental" to online safety.


Google is stepping up security on its blogging platform.


Google has added an extra layer of security to all blogs hosted on its Blogger service by moving blogspot.com to HTTPS.

"HTTPS is fundamental to Internet security; it protects the integrity and confidentiality of data sent between websites and visitors' browsers," Google security software engineer Milinda Perera said Tuesday in a post on Google's security blog.

Google introduced the option to enable HTTPS in September, but bloggers needed to opt in. Now every blog hosted on the platform will have an HTTPS-enabled address by default. Bloggers will also have the option to enable a redirect. This means that if readers visit the version of their blog with HTTP at the start of the Web address, they will automatically end up on the encrypted version of the site.