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Google adds Search shortcuts for places of interest, news topics and tools

Because typing takes too long.

The shortcuts appearing underneath the search bar (left) and an expanded list of other shortcuts (right).

In a bid to make getting distracted by the internet even easier, Google is rolling out a new tool today on its Google Search app (in Android and iOS) and on Google.com.

Located under the search bar, the feature is a row of icons that includes relevant tools and news topics. It gives you quick access to look up local business to eat and drink at, nearby ATMs and directions. There are "lifestyle" categories as well, so you can explore the latest trending TV shows, movies that are playing in your neighborhood and sports scores. For now, it's only available in the US.

Android users get an extra set of shortcuts, which includes tools and games, such as a currency converter, an internet speed test, a spirit level tool, the card game Solitaire and tic-tac-toe.

These one-tap shortcuts are supposed to let you "explore deeper about topics you care about," according to Google. You can already do a lot of these things within Google Search, but now you won't have to type the whole query out (for example, manually searching "nearby ATMs" or "NBA schedule" in lieu of the tap).

If you have Google Assistant in your phone (either through the Allo app or natively like in the Google Pixel phones and the LG G6), it'll save you from having to say your query by voice.

Again, the shortcuts are right under Google's search field, so if you want to get started, start tapping on the topics you're curious about. Google will also launch more shortcuts that correspond to major events, such as the NBA Finals, which is coming soon.

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