Google Search Glitch Fixed as New Content and Articles Now Visible

An earlier problem with Google Search seems to be resolved as new content from websites is filtering in.

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Imad Khan
Google logo going across a smartphone screen

Google Search was not indexing new content from websites earlier Friday.

Angela Lang/CNET

A Google Search glitch that was preventing new website content from filtering into Google has seemingly been resolved. 

Earlier on Friday, Google said that it was experiencing ongoing indexing issues preventing new content and articles from appearing in Search. Indexing is when Google takes new content published from websites and feeds it into search results. The glitch meant that recently published articles wouldn't appear in Search when users entered queries. Google said earlier today that an update would come within 12 hours. Some kind of fix is now in place. Google has yet to update its Search Central Twitter feed with new information.

Before, searching for CNET or CNN articles published within the last hour produced zero results. We couldn't find results when searching for a handful of other sites, such as Bloomberg, The New York Times and Yahoo. The same went for other search terms, apart from ads. 

Google Search results for Pixel 6A.

Google Search was not indexing new content -- in this example, related to the Pixel 6A. 

Screenshot by Imad Khan/CNET

Older content was still searchable.

Google Search results for Pixel 6A.

Google Search results for Pixel 6A earlier Friday. 

Screenshot by Imad Khan/CNET

The glitch was causing search to work in odd ways. For some sites, new articles were appearing as published hours ago when they were published much more recently. We tried replicating the below experiment for CNET articles and it didn't yield any results.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Update, 3:25 pm PT: Reflects the fact that the search issue has been resolved.