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Google Science Journal app gets noteworthy makeover, hits iOS

The app lets you turn your phone into a device for taking scientific measurements. Now you can add notes and photos too -- on iOS as well as Android.

Science Journal screenshot
When someone says you're the cat's meow, exactly how big a compliment is that?

Budding scientists take note.

That's what Google wants you to do, anyway.

The company said Wednesday that it's added new note-taking abilities to Science Journal, and has made the app available on iOS as well as Android.

Science Journal is the year-old mobile app that lets would-be Einsteins turn a phone into a scientific instrument. Using the app, you can access a phone's built-in accelerometer, light meter and other sensors to measure the world around you.

Now the redesigned app lets you add notes and photos alongside measurement data.

"Using the app, both kids and adults [can] measure light, sound, motion and more, right on their devices," Google said in a blog post. "But we heard from teachers that it would be even more useful if the app could take notes and make observations for science experiments."

The company also said partners like the California Academy of Sciences and the New York Hall of Science have released new activities for the app. Activities include things like the "Balloon-Powered Car Challenge" and "Motion Mania: Applying Physics to Hula-Hooping." They're not all so whimsical-sounding, though. Another lets you check out how hackers can steal data from computers that aren't connected to the Internet.

Science Journal is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store.