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Google's Santa Tracker gets updated with Pokemon Go-type game

Get ready to track that fat guy in the red suit on December 24 and collect some virtual presents in your town while you wait.

Google Santa Tracker is updated for 2016 with a new Pokemon Go-like game.
Screenshot/Xiomara Blanco

Every year, when the air in the morning is at its crispest and all of the colorful autumn leaves have long-fallen off of the trees, Google updates its Santa-tracking app.

No, really. It's a holiday tradition.

Google's Santa Tracker app on Wednesday received it update for 2016 with a redesign and new Pokemon Go-like game.

There are many fun and festive games in the app (and a different variety available on a web browser). But a new game called Present Quest requires you to walk around your city in order to collect virtual presents (like collecting Pokemon in Pokemon Go).

The app will unlock the actual "Santa tracker" on December 24. After that you'll be able to track Santa as he delivers presents to well-behaved kids around the world via your phone, Android Wear, Android TV or any Chromecast-enabled device.