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Google Santa Tracker follows Saint Nick around the world

You can keep tabs on Father Christmas using not just one, but two Santa trackers. Better get the mince pies ready.

Google always goes to town when it comes to Christmas extras, and this year is no different. The search engine giant has launched a Santa Tracker, which -- like last year's -- lets you follow Santa on his trip around the world, delivering presents.

But Google has gone one further, and added more ways to follow than ever before. You can follow Saint Nick using the dedicated extension for Google's Chrome browser, or download the Android app to keep tabs on him on your mobile. Well it's good to get into the spirit of things.

Google unveiled these presents in a post on its official blog.

Using the Android app, or through your browser, you can also play some games featuring Santa and his elves in the Christmas Village. If you're lucky enough to own a Google Chromecast TV dongle, you can follow Father Christmas on your telly, too.

You can even send personalised voicemail messages to friends and family, using Google's Call From Santa tool. I just sent one to my brother, so we'll see how it goes down.

Santa's Dash Board, meanwhile, tells you where Santa's been, where he's going, and his real-time jolly status. The tool will tell you a little about each place he stops along the way, too. So who knows, you might learn something.

If you're not a fan of Google, you can use another Santa Tracker. The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) has been following Father Christmas for the last 58 years. Head to and as well as staying on Santa's trail, you can play an advent calendar of interactive games, read up on him, and enjoy a host of holiday music and videos.

Have you tried either tool to follow Santa around the world? Which is better? Let me know in the comments, or leave me a present over on our Facebook page. And a very merry Christmas to all our readers.