Google Rolls Out Continuous Scrolling to Desktop

The new feature allows people to see six times more Google search results on one page before clicking to see the next group.

Nina Raemont Writer
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Nina Raemont

Say goodbye to wandering through page after page of Google searches to find what you're looking for. Google is introducing a continuous scroll feature on desktop that lets people see many more results per page, the search engine said Monday.   

Google search page for birds

This familiar anchor at the very bottom of Google search pages is going away.

Screenshot by CNET

When you're about to reach the bottom of a search results page, you will now be served up to six pages of search results before you need to click "See more." The new feature is appearing in English in the US. 

Google implemented the continuous scroll feature on mobile devices in October 2021, which enabled more search results to automatically load as a person reaches the bottom of a page. 

"Most people who want additional information tend to browse up to four pages of search results," Google said in at the time.  

Most social media pages, like those on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, offer continuous scroll in their feeds to keep people on their services.

Google has historically experimented with how many results to show on a page at a single time. When Google asked searchers in 2008 whether they'd prefer more or fewer results on the page, they responded that they would prefer more. When they were given more search results, however, they actually searched 20% less. But that may have been tied to slow load times back in the day.