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Google releases Android N preview, hello split screen

The next version of Android arrives in a developer preview. But while we check out new features, Google is also busy with its AI computer defeating the Go world champion. Is this how mankind goes down?

Android users, get ready for split screen on your smartphone.

Google revealed the next flavor of Android's operating system , code named Android N. Only software developers get the chance to tinker with it now, since it's unfinished. But watch CNET Update for an overview of the new features, and why it's so unusual for Google to release it now:

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Meanwhile, Google's artificial intelligence AlphaGo is in the middle of a battle against humanity with the ancient, complex game Go. The top Go player in the world, Lee Sedol, was defeated in the first round. But you can watch future fights live-streaming on YouTube.

No pressure, Sedol. It's just the future of humanity that rests in your hands.

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Google releases Android N preview, hello split screen