Google Pixel update lets you take photos underwater, sleep better and more

The latest update for Google Pixel phones brings several new and improved features.

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Google's Pixel 5 smartphone

Google's Pixel phones are getting more cool features.

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Google on Monday announced what Pixel users could expect from March updates. The updates, which will start rolling out Monday, feature underwater photography, more sharable recordings, Smart Compose for text messages, sleep schedule help with Pixel Stand and new wallpaper for cultural events throughout the year. 

A look at how Google's Recorder app will work now. 


This month, Pixel's camera features will work underwater as well as on land. With the Kraken Sports' Universal Smart Phone Housing to protect the phone from the water, divers can capture underwater images with the Pixel's Night Sight, Portrait Mode, Motion Photos and video. 

March's update will bring Smart Compose to texts.


The March update will also include the ability to share links of your audio recordings from the Pixel's Recorder app with non-Pixel users. Smart Compose is also coming to text messages to make responding to messages faster. In addition, if you use a Pixel Stand, new updates in the clock app can help you establish a healthier sleep routine. Users will also get new phone wallpaper to celebrate events throughout the year, like International Women's Day. 

Since it was announced Monday, the update might not show up on your device right away. If you own the Pixel 3 , Pixel 3A , Pixel 4, Pixel 4A or Pixel 5, the update should be on the way, but the arrival could vary based on your mobile carrier.

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