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Google offers a buck to pick your brain

iOS users can now download the company's Google Opinion Rewards app. Make a dollar a survey by doling out your worldview to curious companies.


"A penny for your thoughts" puts a rather measly price tag on your intellectual productions, doesn't it?

Well, now Google is offering iPhone users a full 99 cents more for their opinions.

The tech giant said Wednesday that its Google Opinion Rewards app has arrived on iOS in the United States.

The app offers you a buck a survey to answer questions of interest to companies. The queries involve "all kinds of topics, from TV shows you like to apps you may have used," Google said in a blog post.

The brain-picking sessions usually take less than 30 seconds and are always 10 questions or less, says Google. You receive a notification on your mobile device when a new survey is ready, and if you're just not that into one of them, you can simply skip it. The money you earn goes to whatever PayPal account you've linked to the app.

More than 10 million people have already downloaded the app for Android, Google says. iOS users can grab the app in the App Store.

A buck for your blatherings, folks. Step right up.