Google offers help for U.S. nonprofits

Nonprofits can get deals on ads, Google Apps, and access to a marketplace for finding professional service providers.

Elinor Mills Former Staff Writer
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Elinor Mills

U.S.-based nonprofit organizations can get discounts on advertising and Google Apps subscriptions as part of a new Google for Nonprofits program launched today.

Nonprofits will be able to take advantage of the exclusive offers through a one-stop application process. If approved, they can get up to $10,000 a month in Google AdWords advertising, free or discounted use of Google Apps, and access to premium features on YouTube and Google's mapping technologies, Google said in a blog post.

Google also is launching Google for Nonprofits Marketplace to connect organizations with professional service providers who are offering free or discounted rates.

Organizations have been flocking to Google to raise awareness of issues and to increase participation in campaigns, particularly during catastrophes. The Natural Resources Defense Council, along with Direct Relief and WaterAid, are among the groups that have been using Google tools.

Meanwhile, Google also uses its search and mapping technologies to offer its own help in relief efforts. After Hurricane Katrina the company developed special people and information finder tools. And following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Google created a people finder, a map showing where the tsunami was headed, and a crisis response page.