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Google Now heading to iPhone and iPad, yanked vid says

A promotional video introducing Google Now for iOS has been spotted.

Google is bringing its eerily intelligent Google Now service to the iPhone and iPad, a leaked promotional video has revealed.

Google Now uses the algorithmic data-noshing powers of Google to show you relevant information based on things like your location and search history. If you trigger the app in the morning, for example, it might give you a weather report and transport data for your route to work.

The feature, which started life as part of Android Jelly Bean, will be introduced as part of Google's existing Search app for iOS, the clip reveals. The video was spied by Engadget and quickly taken offline, but not before the site was able to preserve a copy for the ages.

Although Google is yet to say anything official on the subject, the video is pretty strong evidence that the Big G is poised to bring the super-smart Siri substitute to Apple-branded devices.

That's good news for owners of Tim Cook and company's shiny toys, but also an interesting move for Google. While the search giant has never shied away from bringing its various tools and apps to non-Android platforms, Google Now is one of the more interesting features exclusive to Android devices. By sharing the wealth with iOS, Google risks diluting the appeal of its robot-powered operating system.

Google recently added a Google Now widget to Android, meaning you're able to get information from the spooky service without opening an app. That's not something iPhone owners will get access to, however, thanks to the locked-down nature of Apple's operating system.

Should Google bring Google Now to iOS? Or would it be smart to keep it an Android-exclusive? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.