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Google motivates users with New Year's resolutions map

People around the world can now share their goals for 2013 in an interactive map, whether it's to make more money, spend time with their families, or travel to new places.

Google's interactive New Year's resolution map.
Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET

Google is aiming to harness people's motivation to carry out their New Year's resolutions and then use that to help others achieve their goals. Be it lose weight, make more money, learn a new language, or travel more, users can see what people around the world are striving for on Google's new interactive resolution map.

"Research shows that you're more likely to achieve your resolutions if you write them down and have support," Google's Associate Product Marketing Manager Liz Wessel wrote in a blog post yesterday. "Try sharing your goals with communities around you."

The zoomable map is filled with colored dots that pop out in dozens of countries around the world. The colors correspond with a map key that categorizes resolutions into love, health, career, finance, family, education, and more. Users can select any language for all of the posts to be translated into.

Some of the postings include, "Play guitar just a couple minutes everyday" in the U.S., "Living with my boyfriend" in Portugal, "Quit smoking" in Russia, "Work less, earn more" in South Africa, and "Eat less sweets" in Brazil.

Users can also add their own resolutions to the map by selecting the most appropriate category and adding in a postal code and country name. The resolutions take between 24 and 48 hours to post to the map.