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Google Maps shows you where to vote

Find out where to vote with Google Maps. Just plug in your home address and it will find your local polling station. Don't forget to register though.

If you're unsure where you should be casting your ballet come November 4, Google's got you covered with a new maps layer that lets you search for local polling locations. Users simply plug in their home address and it figures out both what county they're in and where their poll location is.

I didn't have much luck getting this to work from a few business addresses in San Francisco, but it picked up two of my former residential addresses just fine. One of the things that makes the tool useful is the special set of instructions on what you should be looking for at each location, like parking and special entrances. In the case of the church nearby my old apartment (pictured below) it's smart enough to tell me to use the front side, which could keep me from wandering around aimlessly.

All of this information has been made open source and is available for other application developers to include in their own tools, which should be popping up in the few remaining weeks.

Looking for the proper place to vote near your house? Google Maps now lets you know based on your home address. CNET Networks