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Google Maps now predicts how hard finding parking will be

The Maps feature ranks parking difficulties at your destination, from limited to medium to easy.

The tool is currently available only for Android devices and in 25 cities.

You don't have to drive around breathlessly hunting for an open parking spot anymore.

Google Maps is introducing a new feature that gives users a warning on how hard it is to park at their destination. It's currently available only on Android devices, and in 25 select cities, such as New York, San Francisco, Washington and Los Angeles.

If you're in one of those cities, when you punch in an address Google Maps will pull up a parking difficulty icon on the directions card, ranking from limited to medium to easy. With the warning ahead of time, it's easier to pull up to a different block or street and find a parking space instead of circling around hoping somebody will leave.

Like Google's Popular Times and live crowd count features, the parking function compiles data from users storing their location information on Google's servers.

Because it's using historical parking data, the information will not be in real-time like Google's crowd-tracking tool. Here are all the cities the Google Maps parking tool will be available in:

San Francisco Seattle
Miami Minneapolis/St. Paul
Boston Charlotte
Chicago Detroit
Los Angeles Atlanta
New York City Orlando
Philadelphia Pittsburgh
San Diego St. Louis
Tampa Dallas/Fort Worth
Cleveland Washington
Denver Houston
Phoenix Portland