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Google Maps now lets you share your Plus Code location, no address needed

Just tap the blue dot in the app to create a unique location ID that you can share with others.

Android users will now be able to generate and share a six-digit Plus Code with your location straight from the Google Maps app.

Sharing your location is a cinch if you're just talking about a home address. But if you're somewhere without an address that's easy to locate, things get trickier. Now, Google has a solution that lets Android users share a six-digit Plus Code with their specific location straight from the Google Maps app.

"Simply tap the blue dot to get a Plus Code for your current location that can be shared with others as easily as giving them a phone number," Google said in a blog post Thursday. "Beyond using the blue dot, you can also find the Plus Code for a location by tapping and holding the map to drop a pin at a location you want a Plus Code for."

Share that Plus Code with someone trying to find you or meet you at a specific location, and they'll be able to enter the digits straight into Google Maps to navigate accordingly. The feature is free to use and open source, which allows users to see how it works and develop their own ways of putting it to use.

Look for the feature in an upcoming version of the Google Maps app, due out on Android in the coming weeks.