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Google Maps adds Wi-Fi only switch, more ride-sharing services

Google adds three new features to its popular navigational Maps app.

Google will let users choose where to save offline maps (left), and it has added new ride-sharing platforms (right).

Tech-giant Google has added three features to its popular navigational and mapping app, Google Maps. For Android users who don't want to incur data charges or have to succumb to the fact that they live in an area with spotty network coverage, you now have the option to access Maps only when you're on a Wi-Fi network, through the settings menu.

Also, when saving a map offline, Android users can now choose between storing it directly on their phones or saving it on an external SD card.

Lastly, Google added more ride-sharing services as a transportation option (on top of walking, driving and public transit). Back in March, the company integrated driving options for Uber. Now users in Indonesia and 10 other cities will see GO-JEK rides. If you live in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or 1 of 25 other cities, Grab rides will be integrated. Gett, Hailo and MyTaxi services will be available for users living in Ireland, Poland, Italy, Austria, Russia and Israel. This feature will hit Android first, and then role out to iOS at a later date.