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Google Maps adds detailed commute information

You'll also be able to control music playback within the app.

Google Maps on an iPhone.
Google Maps wants to make commutes a little easier.
Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Google Maps is rolling out a commute feature for its Android and iOS apps with extra information to help with your trip to and from work.

The commute section will suggest alternative routes if there are problems.

Google Maps

The new section will show details for each leg of your journey, including disruptions to traffic and to bus or train departures, Google said Monday.

If there are delays, the app will suggest alternative routes. Android users will also get notifications about delays on a route as they happen.

If you don't want Google to be aware of your commute route, you can hide that data by toggling your settings.

People in 80 selected regions worldwide will be able to see exactly where their bus or train is on the map in real time. This goes a step further in Sydney, Australia. You'll be able to see how full the next bus or train is, so you'll know if you're going to get a seat.

The update also allows you control Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music from with Google Maps, so you don't have to hop between apps.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

The commute feature rollout is happening globally this week and follows the release of last week's more leisure-focused group planning feature.