Google wants to make searching for college less of a headache

If only you could Google your way through your 20s.

Marrian Zhou Staff Reporter
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Marrian Zhou
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Google college search started rolling out on Tuesday.

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Google rolled out a new feature Tuesday designed to make it easier for prospective students to search for that perfect college.

The feature pulls together college information scattered online into one place. When you search for a four-year US college, it'll highlight information about the college's admission rate, cost, graduation rate, average cost after student aid is applied, and other data that could help you make a choice.

Google's college search is yet another way the company is trying to integrate itself into the key moments of your life. Last year, Google introduced a tool to help with job searches.

Google said in a blog post that its engineers designed the feature to ease the anxiety during college search and to make it simpler for students and parents to explore educational options. With its search engine already serving as the go-to place for many students, the feature may well be heavily relied on.

"We will continue to focus on how we can better improve access to information about educational opportunities," Google Product Manager Jacob Schonberg said in the blog post.