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Google makes mobile search suggestions a popularity contest

Google has optimized its site for Android phones and iPhone, making search suggestions contextual to your U.S. location.

Google continues to smile on iPhone and Android users. On Thursday, the search giant rolled out some localization improvements for U.S. searchers.

Google's localized search suggestions for iPhone and Android
Though Bostonians are clearly a museum-minded folk, San Franciscans seem to be able to juggle both museums and Muse lyrics. Google

Type a query into from either an Android device or the iPhone and Google will now spit out results based on your current or previously logged location. Search "muse" as Google did in its side-by-side screenshots above and you'll see the most-often-sought terms in your area.

Hence, it isn't exactly that Google has made its search suggestions any better at anticipating your intended query. More accurately, Google is relying on the hive mind to contextualize location-based searches.

Based on Google's test, localized search suggestions will work best for businesses, and maybe the odd search for British rock bands.

To make sure you get the full impact, go into the home page settings from your mobile browser and turn on "save recent locations" and "allow use of device location."