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Google Keep note-taking comes to Chrome

Google Keep debuts as a Chrome Web app, bringing its simple note-taking features to Chrome browsers and Chromebooks.

Keep for Chrome.

Google Keep wants to be the app that you dump all your little notes and big thoughts into, and Google introduced a Keep Chrome Web app version on Thursday.

To install it, you must use the link above, as it's not yet available by searching the Chrome Web Store.

Like Keep in Google Drive and Keep for Android, it lets you write notes in a stripped-down interface that lacks all but the most basic features. In addition to standard note-taking, you can change the text color or insert an image.

Keep for Chrome launches in its own window, and it also works when you're not connected to the Internet. Offline may not be a big deal for Chrome as a browser, but for Chromebooks and Chrome OS it's been a poorly implemented feature. Being able to take notes and then have them sync once you're connected again could go a long way toward helping convince people that Keep is a keeper.

You can read the original Google blog post announcing Keep for Chrome here.

Corrected on May 2 at 11:40 a.m.: Google Keep for Chrome has a list-creation button that appears when you start a new note.