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​Google honors humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi with a doodle

Known for helping deliver medicine to those in need, the "Angel of Mercy" is celebrated on what would've been his 89th birthday.

Google celebrates the life of humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Abdul Sattar Edhi's life mission was to help others.

The humanitarian and philanthropist spent his years delivering medicine and supplies to people in Pakistan and to survivors of disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, around the world. He was known as the "Angel of Mercy."

Google honored him on Monday with a Google Doodle, which depicts him as elderly man standing on a street with an ambulance, hospital and a woman and child.

Google Doodles have become an integral part of the company's Web design. These drawings and animations are artistic commemorations for everything from Pac-Man's anniversary to the World Cup to the birthday of Fred Korematsu, who fought the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Edhi created the Edhi Foundation in 1951, which had the slogan "live and help live." Funded by private donations, the foundation provides ambulance service across Pakistan and relief aid to people worldwide. It's also helped thousands of Pakistani orphans over the years.

Edhi died in July 2016 of renal failure, he would've been 89 on Tuesday.

"In celebration of Abdul Sattar Edhi, let's all lend a hand to someone in need today," Google wrote in a blog post about its doodle.

Correction, Feb. 28 at 9:36 a.m. PT: An earlier headline on this story misspelled Abdul Sattar Edhi's name.

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