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Google hides real Easter eggs for Easter, delivers AR Easter bunny

Searching for terms related to the holiday will present an illustrated banner featuring Easter animals.

Searching for terms related to Easter will generate an illustrated banner in the top-right corner that features adorable animals associated with the holiday.
Screenshot by Steven Musil/CNET

Easter is this weekend, and Google has planted some real (virtual) Easter eggs for users of its search engine when they query terms related to the holiday.

Users who search for "Easter," "Easter 2020" and other Easter-related topics will see a banner in the top-right corner of their search results page that illustrates some of the adorable animals associated with the holiday, including a pink bunny and a chick hatching from a decorated egg.

Google rolls out an AR Easter bunny for your phone.


The search giant also announced Friday afternoon that it's begun rolling out a 3D Easter bunny that'll appear on mobile device screens. After a mobile user searches for "Easter bunny," an augmented reality rabbit, complete with a festive bow tie, will be displayed in users' living spaces. Google's AR Easter bunny will be around until April 19.

Google has also created an immersive Arts & Culture exhibit that explores the history and traditions of Easter. It also looks at how the holiday is celebrated around the world, from flying bells to chocolate eggs.

And if you're still looking for ideas on what to serve for your Easter feast, Google's search results also include cameos of celebrity chefs answering a range of questions about meals and favorite dishes.

This isn't the first time Google has planted an Easter egg in its search results. In April 2019, in the run-up to the release of the movie Avengers: Endgame, a simple Google query for Thanos, the supervillain who snapped away half the universe in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War, would instantly turn search results to dust.

In July, queries for terms such as "fireworks," "fireworks near me," or "Fourth of July" set off a flurry of brightly colored fireworks on the search results page.

For more challenging results, search on Google for "askew," "anagram" or "do a barrel roll." (Pro tip: Keep the Dramamine handy for the last one.)