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Google+ Hangouts On Air: Broadcast yourself to the world

Google+ users who tap into hangouts to broadcast a message via video can now communicate with the entire rest of the world. Well, that portion on G+, at least.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

The Google+ Hangouts On Air feature has gone global, Google revealed today, meaning you can now share yourself via video with Google+ users in 40 other countries.

Unveiled last September, the Hangouts On Air takes the traditional Google+ hangout a step further.

Instead of just holding a video chat with a small circle of people, you can broadcast to a much wider audience through the On Air version. That makes it an ideal forum for celebrities and organizations that want to promote themselves or reach out to fans and followers. But it's also accessible to anyone who has a message to share with a live audience.

Through the On Air feature, you can broadcast yourself through both your Google+ stream and a regular Web site. You can easily see how many people are watching you. And once your live show is finished, Google will upload a recording of your broadcast to your Google+ post and your YouTube channel so that people late to the live party can check it out.

Launching all those live stations is going to take awhile, so Google will be rolling out the new global Hangouts On Air in stages over the next few weeks.

But you can still sign up to catch an upcoming broadcast this month from such folks as CBS This Morning, Conan O'Brien, the Nerdist, and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.


How do Hangouts On Air work?