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Google Guacamole will let you use voice assistant without saying 'Hey, Google,' report says

The tech giant is reportedly testing a new Google Assistant feature for alarms, timers and calls.

Skip the "Hey, Google" and go straight for what you want the smart assistant to do.
Stephen Shankland/CNET`

Google has reportedly kicked off internal testing for a new feature, called Guacamole, that would allow you to use the voice assistant without saying "Hey, Google." It would let Google Assistant users perform quick voice tasks like answering calls or turning off alarms and timers without needing to say the trigger words, according to reports Friday from 9to5Google and Android Police.

The Guacamole feature appears in the Google app beta 12.5 running Android 11, the reports said, under the main Assistant settings list. Guacamole would let you simply say "stop," "snooze," "answer call" and "decline call" without needing to say "Hey, Google" first.

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Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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