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Google+ goes after Pinterest with Collections feature

The search giant is trying to cash in on the success of online bulletin board site and rival Pinterest, which is valued at $11 billion.

Google+'s new feature is similar to what rival Pinterest offers. Screenshot by Richard Nieva/CNET

Google+, the search giant's social network, has its sights trained on a new target: Pinterest.

Google on Monday announced a Google+ feature called Collections, which lets users post pictures, articles and other content related to a specific topic, like food, movies or space. Other people can follow users' collections, and decide who sees them.

The feature is similar to what rival social network Pinterest offers with its own online bulletin boards.

Google has good reason to chase the fast-growing startup. Pinterest, which is privately held, is valued at $11 billion, after raising a round of funding from investors in March. The service has gained popularity as an online scrapbook, and has almost tripled its valuation in a year and a half.

Pinterest did not immediately return a request for comment.

For Google, the move is an attempt to revitalize its embattled social network, which has had trouble gaining the same kind of traction as Facebook or younger competitors like Snapchat. Google+'s last chief, David Bresbis, was in the role for less than a year before he was replaced by product vice president Bradley Horowitz in March.

The collections feature is available on the Web and on devices running Android, Google's mobile operating system. Google said the new feature will be available on Apple's iPhones and iPads later.