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Google Glass patch fixes vulnerability through QR Code

Lookout Security discovered a method by which hackers could take control over Google Glass by creating a malicious QR Code.

Google has patched a security vulnerability that could have left Glass users with some major issues.

Lookout Security discovered a flaw in Google Glass back in May that would allow a hacker to create a QR Code that -- once scanned by Glass -- could see all of the connections running through the glasses-mounted computer. A hacker could also deliver a payload over the Internet that would wreak havoc on Google Glass and possibly steal information.

In order to connect to Google Glass, the QR Code would direct a user to an access point that gives the hacker the ability to remotely control the eyewear.

In a video posted Wednesday on YouTube, Lookout Security described the vulnerability and commended Google for promptly fixing it last month.

Google Glass is currently in the hands of 10,000 "Explorers." The program is designed to work out the kinks in Glass and prepare the eyewear for a public launch. It's also designed to catch security flaws like this.

(Via All Things Digital)