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Google Glass gets better calendar integration

The monthly update for Google Glass brings more-responsive voice commands for accessing your schedule and getting directions, and a new setup experience.

Google Glass now comes with a new setup tutorial.

Google Glass now gives you something to write home about. More accurately, it gives you a better way to get home, in Thursday's XE11 Glassware update.

New voice commands that Google has integrated into Glass let you say "OK, Glass, get directions to home," or work, and Glass will pull up directions directly from your location to your house or office. The feature relies on you having named and saved home and work locations in Google Maps.

Voice commands for pulling up your calendar have also improved. You can now tell Glass, "OK, Glass, Google my agenda" or "OK, Glass, Google what I am doing next week." The feature requires you to have enabled private search.

The XE11 update also brings a new setup experience for first-time Glass users; a one-tap option to screen-cast from the notification drawer of your Android device when it's connected to Glass; and the removal of the long-press feature on the touchpad to activate a Google search. Google said that the option was removed because too many people were accidentally activating it. Instead, to initiate a search with the touchpad, you'll have to slowly tap it three times while the display is off.

Though for now the much-rumored Glassware marketplace and app support remain little more than just that, rumors, Google is pushing ahead with Glassware development and is hosting a Glassware hackathon in mid-November in San Francisco.