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Google+ gets a new look that might make you care

Google's social network gets a redesign that might convince people to use it. All users will see the new interface by default.

OK all you Google+ users (you know who you are). Google is rolling out its redesigned social network to everyone, by default.

The social network's new look will roll out to all users.


The company introduced a new look to Google+ last November, which put Communities and Collections "front and center." At the time, users had to opt in to the new version. That's no longer an option: The redesign will now be available to everyone by default when they sign in on the web.

Besides the new interface, Google+ offers three new features. Users can add links and photos to comments. Community moderators can pre-approve comments before they're posted. People can view and manage recent activities over the web.

Google says there have been more than 1.6 million daily Community joins since introducing the design last fall.