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Google+ for iPhone gets 'Awesome' photo features

Last but not least, the iPhone version looks and acts like the overhauled desktop and Android versions of the social-networking service.

Google+ for iPhone auto-enhances photos so you don't have you to.

Google+ for iPhone was updated Tuesday with a smattering of features, including automatic photo creations called "Auto Awesome," to make the mobile social-networking application match, in style and function, the revamped desktop experience released two weeks ago.

With version 4.4, iPhone owners get a collection of photo options for improving, viewing, and backing up shots stored in the device's camera roll. Specifically, the app can automatically back up camera captures, auto-enhance them, and group them into smart photo albums Google calls "Highlights," before you ever have to lift a finger.

The refreshed application also comes with related hash tags, which are tags that Google automatically applies to Google+ posts to get people to dive into associated content.

The new Google+ for iPhone arrives with a bunch of mini mobile-appropriate additions such as the option to edit comments, make changes to your cover photo, or copy a post's permalink to your clipboard.

The meaty iPhone app refresh marks feature release number 43 for the new Google+, which got 41 fresh enhancements when it was released at the company's developer conference earlier this month. Google+ for Android, refreshed last week, marked feature number 42.