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Google Fiber casts wide net in Kansas City

According to the search company, at least 180 out of 202 "fiberhoods" have already qualified for its service, and it's still processing requests.

Google Fiber in Kansas City
Google "Fiberhoods" are taking root in Kansas City.

In just six weeks, nearly 90 percent of eligible neighborhoods around Kansas City have signed up for Google Fiber.

The company wrote in a blog post yesterday that at least 180 out of 202 "fiberhoods" have already qualified for the super-high-speed Internet service. Google says that it's still processing verification requests, and should be able to hand over the final list later this week.

Google opened up its pre-registration for Fiber six weeks ago. The 1-gigabit-per-second service will cost customers $70 per month. The fast speeds are available for both uploads and downloads, and come with 1 terabyte of data storage and a network box to deliver the service.

Back in July, when Google launched its pre-registration, the company also announced a Fiber TV service that offers customers all kinds of channels, as well as a DVR that will allow them to search for services on Netflix, and record up to eight shows at once.

Since bringing fiber to homes can be expensive, Google is charging each home that hopes to hook up to the service a one-time $300 construction fee.

Google's Fiber service has been in high demand since the company first announced its launch. In fact, just a week after it was made available, Google announced that 46 "fiberhoods" had qualified for the service. In the past week alone, 63 fiberhoods joined up.

Still, not all communities will be left satisfied. As Google pointed out in yesterday's blog post, "some fiberhoods won't quality this time around." Those neighborhoods will need to wait until "sometime next year" before they can hope to qualify for the fiber service again.

Google plans to provide more details on its plans for rolling out the fiber service soon.