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Google doodle store lets you buy your favourites

Google has added a doodle store, letting you buy products featuring your favourite informataining doodles.

We make no bones about it -- we love Google doodles. They're an entertaining way to learn about something that otherwise would most likely have passed you by, first thing in the morning, when your brain is still defrosting itself. Now Google has made our morning by adding a doodle store, so you can buy products featuring your favourites.

Have a click through to see which of your favourites are available. Sadly Google hasn't found a way to put the interactive elements on a t-shirt, but give it time.

Perhaps you loved the playable Les Paul guitar? Or the epic 8-bit Freddie Mercury birthday video? Maybe you loved a quick blast on Pac-Man to kick start your morning by putting off doing any work? Or enjoyed watching a film about Charlie Chaplin? Whichever was your favourite, you'll now be able to buy products featuring the designs.

Products include t-shirts, posters, mugs, stamps and even skateboards. Yes, skateboards.

Not only that, you can relive all your old favourites too, thanks to the gallery. (The gallery was added a while ago, but it's just been revamped, letting you find them by tag or keyword, with filters for year and country. Some also have behind-the-scenes descriptions and early sketches, like a mini 'making of' page all to themselves. Check out this one of the Stanislaw Lem doodle to see what we're talking about.)

Fantastic news for those of us who love them, bad news if you had any plans for this weekend. Now, excuse us, we're off to play Pac-Man, and then watch the Freddie Mercury animated one for the 80th time.

Which one will you be ogling first? And which should Google put into production next? Let us know in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.