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Google doodle greets the new year

The Web giant has a balloon drop to help you put 2016 to rest and ring in 2017.


It's almost over.

The year that many regret for its taking so many celebrities from us has mere hours left before it too passes from this world. To mark the end of 2016 and the arrival of 2017, Google has created an animated doodle of balloons bouncing in a net, eagerly awaiting their chance to drop down and join the party.

While we celebrate surviving another trip around the sun, it's also important to survive this last day of the year, which many already associate with too much doom and gloom. If you plan to party on New Year's Eve, make plans that will help you kick off the new year in good health.

If you drink, please don't drive. Download a ride-sharing app, save the number of a taxi company in your phone contacts or just crash on a friend's couch. (It's better than crashing on the road.)

If you don't drink, be the designated driver for those who might have had too much, even if you aren't partying. In a growing trend on social media, nondrinkers are offering to provide safe rides for their local friends. It's a good way to keep from losing friends from your friends list.

Whatever you do, have fun, stay safe and see you next year.